Our curriculum


Our curriculum in inclusive and our commitment to meeting the needs of all our pupils means teachers plan lessons that use a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies. Both more able pupils and those with special educational needs, benefit from planning delivered in creative and multisensory ways, often using dance, drama, art and music. Activities are differentiated in order to challenge and promote curiosity in all children.

Mornings at Bright junior focus on the teaching and learning of English and Mathematics. Through an amazing range of topics and approaches we ensure that the children are developing key skills in these core areas of the curriculum. Our children experience the learning opportunities within the year. We ensure that these vital areas of learning are exciting, challenging and progressive.

If you have any further questions about what your child is learning at school do not hesitate to come in and discuss it further with your childs teacher



Statement of Aims

St. Roselyn Junior School is committed to learning that is engaging, inspiring and enjoyable and to learning that …

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Religious Education 

God is at the centre of everything we do in our school.  Therefore religion is not only taught as a discrete …

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